Breaking It Down To Build It Up

From Vodafone to AIB, we’re trusted by the biggest brands in the world to deliver real hands-on expertise across a range of software engineering solutions. Our highly experienced and best-in-class engineers are experts at breaking down your project into smaller pieces that work seamlessly together. By simplifying and then accelerating individual parts, we can get the most out of your overall project, in the least amount of time, for the most cost-effective price. So, if you want to start making the complex simple, simply reach out and talk to us today.

Our Software Engineering Services

Software engineering is a broad area of expertise. However, having a large team of passionate and professional specialists allows us to offer you a diverse range of software engineering solutions. Their knowledge and experience of modern and emerging software technologies, ensures your business objectives are never compromised. Whatever you need, we can provide:


  • Simplify and accelerate application deployment across any infrastructure
  • Establish where containers can add most value and define workflows
  • Provide design rules and audit for container building and modelling
  • And much more


  • Get as much of your application estate migrated to the cloud as fast as possible
  • Determine revenue and customer impacts
  • Determine program options – Migration Kickstarter and Migration Factory
  • And much more


  • Deploy and Integration API management platform
  • Security, Monitoring and Alarming
  • Analytics and Usage Management

Ammeon has a strong track record of delivering open source technology to customers like us.

– Alex Freedland, CEO, Mirantis

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