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At Ammeon we believe the future should never leave our customers behind and we’re 100% committed to delivering this promise.  We do this by accelerating our customers’ IT innovation, allowing them to disrupt and compete.

Our dynamic team of over 150 technical professionals has the talent and smarts to unlock value from DevOps, Cloud and related technologies. Find out why Fortune 500 companies choose us.

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Build Agile-Lean Teams

Respond to market changes with confidence.

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Automatically configure and deploy to any infrastructure.

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Modernize, containerize and migrate your applications.

Simplify Operations

Focus on your business and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why choose us?

It's What We Do

Frustrated by the generic templates and engagement style of multinational consulting firms? At Ammeon we’re 100% dedicated to overcoming the DevOps and Cloud challenges of our customers – it’s in our DNA.

Outcomes Not Hours

We don’t measure success in hours – we’re focused on solving problems and delivering successful outcomes. Work with us and you’ll see tangible, measurable results at every stage of your journey.

Unbeatable Experience

Our people are experienced across a range of industries and technologies. Every member of our team has spent years successfully designing, developing, deploying and operating high availability production services for enterprises.

Companies We Work With

Ammeon brought structure and direction to our architecture discussions, that enabled us to get real clarity on the future architecture of the Clavis platform. In a few short months we’ve developed a clear architectural direction, built a proof of concept and started the development modules on this architecture for production.

Gerard Curtin, CTO, Clavis

Ammeon’s Agile-Lean Start has been a huge leap forward for us in adopting Agile practices

Marie Flynn, COO, Cathx Ocean.

Ammeon is the right partner for delivering open source cloud infrastructure technology, and they’ve proven it with Fortune 500 customers including Telefonica, Vodafone and Ericsson.

Sumeet Singh, founder and CEO of AppFormix

Ammeon has a strong track record of delivering open source technology to customers.

Alex Freedland, co-founder and CEO of Mirantis

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