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AMMEON – AL015: Lean - Six Sigma Black Belt

Duration: 10.5 Days over a 5 months Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification training course is designed to train you in Lean techniques and Six Sigma approaches.

The course will teach you how to improve services while eliminating waste. You will also learn to maintain consistency in delivery of products and services.

This is a 10 day course spread over a five months, followed by a 4 hour exam and project presentation.

Who should attend

  • Internal consultants,
  • Change agents

Course Outline

History of Lean and Six Sigma
Six Sigma Overview
Lean Overview
7 Wastes (TIM WOOD)
Process Map
Management of Change
Sustaining the Gains

Activity Network Diagram
Affinity Diagram
Autocorrelation Charts
Box-Whisker Chart
C Chart
Cause and Effect Diagram
Confidence Interval on Mean
Confidence Interval on Proportion
Contingency tables
Contour Plot
Control Plans
Design of Experiments (DOE)
Desirability Function
Equality of Variance Tests
Evolutionary Operation (EVOP)
EWMA Charts
F Test for Lack of Fit
F Test for Significance of Second-Order Terms
F Test for Surface Curvature
Factorial Designs
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
Goodness of FIT Tests
Hypothesis Testing on Mean of Two samples
Individual-X and Moving Range Charts
Interaction Plots
Interrelationship Diagraphs
Lean Methodology
Go to Gemba
Poke Yoke
Value stream Mapping
Level Loading
Linearity Analysis
Value stream Mapping
Level Loading
Linearity Analysis
Matrix Diagrams
Multi-Vari Plots
Nominal Group Technique
Nonparametric Test on Equality of Means
Np Chart
P Chart
Pareto Chart
PERT Analysis
Priorification Matrix
Probability Plotting
Process Capability Index
Process Cycle Efficiency
Process Decision Program Charts
Process Maps
Process performance Indices
Quality Function Deployment
R&R Studies
Regression Analysis
Residuals Analysis
Response Surface Analysis
Ridge Analysis
Run Test Rules
Scatter Diagrams
Screening Designs
Spaghetti Diagram
Statistical Process Control (SPC) Charts
Steam and Leaf plot
U Chart
Work Breakdown Structure
X-Bar Chart

How to deliver training to lower belts
Mentoring skills
Kaizen Burst Workshop Facilitation

Project Presentation


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