From College Intern to Full-Time Engineer

Daniel - ammeon intern to full-time

Hi, my name is Daniel and I would like to share my experience of working in Ammeon as both an Intern IT Support Engineer and then as a full-time employee. I hope to provide anyone who may be interested in joining Ammeon with a sense of the company ethos and to give you an idea of what working life at Ammeon is like. 

Studying at DIT

I am an early school leaver who returned to education at 26. I had previously worked in several jobs with no real prospect for future growth and I wanted to try and improve my prospects for the future. I always had an interest in technology and I studied Networking Technologies at DIT, Kevin Street in Dublin. 

In second year, we had a six-month period where each student would work at a company in the IT industry to gain valuable experience in the sector. I applied for several roles with different companies, however, Ammeon was one of the only companies to show a genuine interest. I was invited for a face-to-face interview with the IT manager and the senior system administrator.  The interview itself was very casual and I was put at ease by the relaxed nature of both interviewers. I then had a follow-up phone interview with a member of the HR team, which was also managed in a very relaxed style, minimising the stress that everyone experiences in these situations and it enabled me to put my best foot forward on the day. 

The Ammeon Internship

During the six-month internship, I was given training in several different technologies and systems. I worked with technologies that I had not worked with before, and it helped me to gain an insight into what was required to work in a fast-paced, technologically-challenging environment. The team members that I worked with on a daily basis were very generous with their time and enabled me to learn and develop at my own pace, while also giving me a push, when required, to broaden my understanding of new technologies that I would not have worked with previously. 

I gained extremely valuable experience during my internship. The most valuable lesson I learned is to never give up on a task or project. There will always be pitfalls and challenges in working life but the most important thing to do when faced with these challenges is to keep working on the problem and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Luckily, given the open-door nature at Ammeon, this is never a problem and staff are more than happy to lend a helping hand when required, whether that be a team member or a member of another team or department, the same sentiment holds true. 

Nearing the end of my internship, I had a meeting with HR and the IT manager to discuss taking up full-time employment with Ammeon after I finished college. I was delighted and accepted straight away. However, there was one issue. I had booked a six-week holiday to South East Asia and would not be available to start until August! I feared that this would be a stumbling block, given that there was a lack of staff at that time working in the IT department. Those fears were totally unfounded. Ammeon was more than generous by allowing me to take the six weeks’ travel time to unwind after three years in college. I signed a contract before the end of my internship, which allowed me to travel for six weeks and then return to work after the holiday. On returning to college, I had signed a full-time contract and did not have to alter my plans for the summer. This demonstrated to me that Ammeon was not only open and flexible but also had a genuine interest in employing me as an individual and was willing to wait for me to take a well-needed break.  

I have now returned to Ammeon and am employed in a full-time capacity as an IT support engineer and I love every minute of it! The six-month internship provided me with a solid understanding of how Ammeon operates and what technologies are in use here. This allowed me to seamlessly return to the company as if I had never been away! 

By Daniel Carroll
IT Support Engineer | Ammeon

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