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Evolving the 8 Lean Wastes Snake

  10.08.2018   Blog, Featured   No comments

Written by: Francis O'Reilly, Scrum Master, Ammeon The "Snake on the wall" technique is one that has been used by many Agile and Lean teams in various forms for many years....

Business Agility Workshop with Okaloa

  21.06.2018   Blog, Featured   No comments

This 2 day Business Agility Workshop you will use simulations to engage the intuitive as well as the rational brain while learning about the foundations of business agility. Date: 21st &...

Source code to Cloud deployment in less than 10mins

  8.06.2018   Blog, Featured   No comments

Lately I've been working with OpenShift and its source-to-image capabilities and I must say I am impressed. How impressed you ask? Impressed enough to want to write my own “Hello...

Understanding Retrospectives

Mirror, mirror, on the wall A Principle of Agile is "how the team reflects, and how it can become more effective, and adjust accordingly". From Scrum, this reflection and adaption...