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Business Agility Workshop with Okaloa

  21.05.2018   Blog, Featured   No comments

This 2 day Business Agility Workshop you will use simulations to engage the intuitive as well as the rational brain while learning about the foundations of business agility. It is more...

Agile Planning: How to PICK a Story

By Rob Healy, Principal Consultant, Ammeon The Scrum Guide, the official definition of Scrum, created and described the role of Product Owner (PO). The role is described as “responsible for...

The 8 Wastes Snake

  21.02.2018   Blog, Featured   No comments

The 8 Wastes Snake is a continuous process improvement tool. It is a poster-sized sheet that allows people working on a process to record any perceived wastes and annoyances when...

What are your Accelerators and Inhibitors in 2018?

  15.01.2018   Blog, Featured   No comments

Author: Rob Healy, Principal Consultant, Ammeon Above my desk is an image of a ship with it's sails unfurled, sailing steadily. There is a problem though. The anchors are still...