If you’re an organisation that depends on timely, high-quality software deliveries, then we can help you achieve them, quickly. Ammeon’s unique Automation Accelerator will help you craft a customised, cloud-native CI/CD pipeline for your software applications and microservices, in just 12 weeks. Best of all, we’ll do it without impacting your team’s ongoing development commitments.

Implemented by our experienced and highly-qualified team of DevOps specialists, your customised automation tool chain will ensure regular, high-quality feature releases that help you stay ahead of the curve. To begin your journey towards better software faster, start by contacting us now.

The Benefits of Ammeon’s Automation Accelerator

The Automation Accelerator is a pre-baked, containerised, continuous integration tool chain that flexibly maps to your business and development team’s needs. When you partner with Ammeon, we’re with you all the way. Throughout the entire process, we’ll embed a DevOps mindset in your team members through coaching and collaboration. That way, your team can manage your development life cycles with industry standard tooling, long into the future. But that’s just some of the benefits.

Better for your business

Greater Time Savings

Deliver significant time saving for your customers. The Automation Accelerator can radically reduce the amount of time from commit to complete, with organisations we’ve worked with accelerating from 5 month delivery cycles to just 5 hours.

Increased Business Value

The power of CI is that it enables you to deliver value to your customers in a more regular, consistent way providing higher levels of customer confidence and satisfaction.The Automation Accelerator will provide you with the peace of mind knowing your software is being delivered by a consistent, high quality software factory.

Happier Development Teams

Imagine the boost your engineers will get when they no longer have to regression test their code commits. Let the Automation Accelerator take the strain while the team focuses on higher value tasks.

Return on Investment

Continuous integration/Continuous Delivery implementations can be a key driver to improved ROI results, with many organisations seeing over 20% increase in new software and services delivered, up to 25% in improvement in the quality of deployed applications and almost 50% fewer failures.

Better for Your Customers

Faster Time to Market

Speed improvements and greater predictability means your customers/end users can receive new features and bug fixes on a consistent and regular basis rather than waiting for months on end.

Greater Customer Collaboration

We guide teams, customers and end-users towards collaborating in the most effective manner so that your customers vision can become a reality.

Improved satisfaction ratings & Increased Adoption

Maximise customer/end user satisfaction rates by delivering consistent, high quality releases every time…

Begin Your Continuous Integration Journey With Confidence

A ready made, adaptable framework

The Automation Accelerator is a pre-baked, containerised, continuous integration tool chain that flexibly maps to your business and development team’s needs.

We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to

We take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the equation by implementing tried and tested, best of breed tools to get you to where you want to go, fast. No jargon, just automation.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Our team of experts will insure your implementation strategy is fully delivered without affecting the day to day commitments of your development teams.

We’re with you all the way

We’ll be there to collaborate, educate and onboard your team members throughout the entire process, giving you the peace of mind that they can manage your development life cycles long into the future.

As businesses in every sector grow increasingly paranoid over digitally competent competitors, even the most respectable consultancy firms will be happy to help define your strategy. However, few of them have over 15 year’s (Experience) of doing so. At Ammeon, Digital Transformation is in our DNA.

– Stian Kildal, CEO of Ammeon

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We’re ready to start when you are