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Health and Wellbeing  

Health and wellness have become a hot topic in recent years. More businesses are seeking out ways to support employees and proactively putting measures and programmes in place to enhance overall staff wellbeing. Given that we spend around a third of our lives at work, a workplace culture plays a big role in employees’ lives. 

“The number of organisations offering stress management and mental wellbeing programmes to staff has doubled in the last five years” 

With such a changing world around us we need more than ever focus on our employee’s health and wellbeing. 

At Ammeon we do believe that employees Mental Health and Wellbeing is vitally important, especially during such a time like this when all our employees are working from home and all we have is a virtual connection. 

The wellbeing of our staff has always been a priority, but how do we maintain this during a pandemic? 

By moving all our wellness events, seminars and company CSR to remote life we are able to continue the Wellness programme that we have planned for this year. 

As a company, Ammeon has stepped up to help our employees by expanding their mental health benefits. These include changes in employee assistance programs, free one to one video consultations with Wellbeing experts and unrestricted access to GP live consultations. 

Benefits that matter

Taking into consideration that our employees are affected by such a rapid change due to the Covid-19 we are very much focusing on delivering seminars that can help them to cope with the stress and anxiety that they might be facing during this time. 

Our employees can avail of the free One-to-One Digital Psychologist consultations that can help them to cope effectively with the variety of problems like COVID-19, Stress/Anxiety, Work-Life Balance, Emotional Disorders, Mental Distress and Bereavement/Grief. 

We also understand that during this time many families come up against the challenges of managing a work/home life balance so we provide Seminars on Positive Parenting, where our employees can get encouragement and advice in their parenting journey.   

Qualified health experts are working with our employees to create a personalised health programme to help and support them to achieve their individual health goals across Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing. 

As well as a health crisis, COVID-19 is an economic crisis too. Our employees can book a video session with an independent and qualified financial advisor who can help them come to terms with the financial impacts of COVID-19 and give them advice on how to manage their finances during this time. 

For our employees and their family members, we have provided complimentary online Pilates classes twice a week so that they and their families can stay fit and healthy while at home. 

Double-down on communication 

As we all check on our families and loved ones more often during this time than ever before, here at Ammeon we also double communication with our teams.  

Virtual coffee breaks became a thing that we will continue with our teams even when the current crises are over. 

Daily stand-ups help us to know more about each team member, check on how they are doing physically, personally and motivate each other for the project or work that we are planning to complete.  

Most important in the midst of all of this we are trying to have fun by playing quizzes and enjoying music performances on Friday evening. Seeing our employees with their kids and family during the social Friday time makes us really feel like one big family. 

Ammeon is a very diverse company and we have built a culture of inclusion and encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work, something that I personally value a lot.  

Our goal is to see our employees happy, motivated, productive and knowing that they are valued members of the team. 

I am feeling very lucky to be in the company that truly cares for their employees and goes above and beyond to support and encourage them especially during this time of uncertainty.  

“What you sow is what you reap”- I always believe that how much you invest in your employees is that much they will invest in return for the growth of your organisation.   

Communicating clearly with your workforce about what mental health and well-being resources are available to them and showing empathy in a time of crisis can go a long way – not just for the overall well-being of your employees but for the company’s health long-term. 

It doesn’t have to be big steps, but it is important that they are in the right direction for the healthier growth of your organisation. 

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Author - Uljana Naumenko - Ammeon

Uljana Naumenko,
Workplace Experience Manager | Ammeon

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