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Our suite of services and solutions liberate you from the burden of managing your infrastructure. Now you can channel that effort into creating the features your users love.


If you’ve heard any of the following expressed by people in your organization:

“Why does it take so long to get a few VMs to run some unit tests?”

“Why does pre-prod look so different from the environment we are using for integration testing?”

“Does anyone know what VMs are available and what OS they are running?”

“Well, it works ok in my environment!”

Then you need the Ammeon EaaS solution. Supported by an experienced services team, our EaaS solution comprises of a collection of services:

  • Assessment
  • Design and demand
  • Planning and vendor management
  • Replication
  • Knowledge base


These are delivered using off-the-shelf Open Source tools, enterprise tooling or a combination of both. With experience in all these areas, we can also help you select the ‘right’ technology for your organization. (See our Tools Catalogue for details of our tools and technology expertise).

As a result of using our EaaS service, our customers report:

  • Efficient use of resources reduces both Capex and Opex
  • Time-to-value is much shorter as project cycle time is slashed
  • Wasteful spending on underused resources is significantly cut
  • Software features are released more frequently
  • Improved customer retention as customers get faster access to new features
  • Greater freedom to plan and introduce change

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Want to run your production services like Google does? Then do what they do. Site Reliability Engineering dissolves the natural tension between Development teams who are eager to get new features to market, and Operations teams who need to protect service up-time. Site Reliability Engineers are hybrid systems and software engineers who oversee availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning. Essentially they are guardians who enable scaling while ‘keeping the lights on’.


Our Site Reliability Engineering service is a cost-effective way for you to provide this important capability to your business. Our engineers identify issues and recommend improvements so that your service can run and scale with the fewest interruptions.


Due to an unpredictable underlying infrastructure, workload performance will continually be a resource-zapping challenge, no matter what your cloud strategy. Whether you are embracing a public, private or hybrid cloud approach, contention and bottlenecks will slow down your performance and ability to remain competitive.  To combat these issues, and to fully realize your return-on-investment, its essential to marry a solid Cloud Monitoring & Optimization strategy with the most appropriate tools.


Our Cloud Optimization service provides an integrated dashboard for multi-layer monitoring with real-time analytics. We can integrate optimization tools with your ticketing system and reporting data-boards or provide you a hosted optimization service. Our optimization service will provide feedback that:
  • Lets developers design and build apps based on analytics
  • Helps everyone better understand the impacts of changes on operations
  • Enables rapid identification of bottlenecks and resolution of issues