Flexible, Scalable Infrastructure

Efficiently Deployed and Integrated
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Accelerate delivery with the power of on-demand infrastructure.

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiency. Delivering infrastructure as a service is crucial to unblocking development, test and deploy teams.

With standardized configurations, you’ll reap the benefits of  happier teams, improved stability and significantly reduced costs.

Available Services

Architecture Readiness

Develop a comprehensive roadmap to support a cloud adoption strategy. We work through our detailed assessment to:

  • Assess your current cloud needs and customer interactions
  • Determine the best cloud architecture for your needs, today and tomorrow
  • Recommendations for deployment, configuration and lifecycle management of your cloud
  • Roadmap for cloud evolution to meet future requirements


Comfort and knowledge that your cloud deployment has been verified and validated. This service includes:

  • A review existing cloud architecture
  • Test planning and development
  • Functional, Performance, Stress, Control Plane, Load and Latency Testing
  • Workload performance evaluation
  • Cloud verification report and knowledge transfer of test setup and execution

Deploy & Integration

Successfully deploy and integrate any OpenStack Cloud. The service includes:

  • Hardware readiness pre-checks
  • Cloud deployment roadmaps
  • Automated deployment execution
  • Quality assurance and verification activities for deployments – including functional, performance and stress testing
  • Operational documentation and support
  • Integration with existing management tools – authentication, logging, monitoring, auditing and billing

Infrastructure Automation

Accelerated provisioning and configuration of Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Auto-provisioning Hardware, Network and Storage
  • Build production quality private cloud services for – Openstack, Kubernetes
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Deployment automation to multiple infrastructure targets
  • Versioned, auditable, single pane view of inventory and configuration
  • Selecting configuration management and orchestration tooling

IT Services Migration

Accelerate cloud adoption by software and service delivery organizations using these services:

  • Architecture visions for cloud native services
  • Roadmaps and minimum viable products (MVP)s
  • Technical architecture
  • Design and implementation services
  • Expert migration teams