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Migrate, modernize, accelerate delivery
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We help you migrate, modernize and containerize your applications, so you can ship faster with total confidence.

Battling competition and disruption, organizations are constantly challenged to deliver features faster. Our application services are designed to address these challenges.

We’ll get you headed in the right direction, embedding new capabilities across your Dev and Ops teams.

Solution Components

Application CI Pipeline

Continuous and controlled integration of all changes. Get ready to push to production.

  • Pre-integrated open-source based CI  tool chain, integrated with your infrastructure
  • Automated environment provisioning
  • Automated testing and promotion from code push
  • Build, support, and manage options are available

Continuous Deployment

Become a high performing organization, automatically deploy to production.

  • Automatically verify release criteria
  • ‘ChatOps’ tooling integration
  • Fully integrated work-flow across CI/CD, release management and configuration management
  • Quality metric instrumentation

(This service depends on implementing other services including Application CI pipeline and Infrastructure automation)

Application Test Automation

De-risk your application delivery projects by improving test coverage and frequency.

  • Develop test automation strategy, assess as-is and to-be states
  • Test automation champions to guide app development teams
  • Advice on tool selection and implementation
  • Integrate tools and establish fully automated application test environment
  • Training and document for application test teams


Simplify and accelerate the deployment of applications and services across any infrastructure

  • Assess where containers can add most value
  • Define container centric workflows for Dev and Ops
  • Provide design rules and audit for container building and modelling application sets for the container stack
  • Deploy execution environment (on-prem hosted or SaaS options)
  • Containerize applications and integrate container build into CI/CD

Application Migration

Get as much of your application estate migrated to the cloud as fast as possible.

  • Assess your application estate and build prioritized migration plan
  • Determine revenue and customer impacts
  • Detail technical challenges – retire, refactor, replatform
  • Determine program options – Migration Kickstarter and Migration factory

API Management

API management is the next crucial step to complete your application migration to the cloud. Our API Management service includes:

  • Deploy and Integration API management platform
  • Developer Portal
  • Security
  • Monitoring and Alarming
  • Analytics and Usage Management

Migration Kickstarter! The quickest way to get your cloud migration underway

Organizations want to quickly realize the promise of cloud for their business. They need to understand the business and technology challenges and develop a strategy that achieves their ambition.

Migration Kickstarter! is a 90 day program specifically designed to develop your organization’s strategy and to achieve real outcomes by migrating applications to the cloud. You benefit by getting the expertise and support you need to jump the first major hurdle.

Contact us to find out more!