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Liberation from hardware-related decisions
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Migration & Lifecycle Technology Services.


OpenStack is a constantly evolving set of cloud infrastructure services, with major updates twice a year. Upgrading from one version of OpenStack involves a significant amount of planning and effort. Not only do you need to determine incompatibilities between versions, but as the upgrade process affects the management of your environments, you have to consider the impact of possible network interruptions on your users. To avoid the destabilization of your environment, it’s critical to ensure database consistency throughout the process. And if the upgrade should fail, you need to be able to roll back your environment to the previous release.


Our OpenStack Life Cycle Management  service takes the hassle and worry out of OpenStack upgrades. Let us do the heavy lifting – so you can focus on your business and not on your infrastructure.

We offer a simple, cost effective approach to keeping  your OpenStack deployment up-to-date. By using our OpenStack Life Cycle Management service you will always have the the most up-to-date capabilities and new services available at your Cloud infrastructure layer.


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) liberates you from all hardware related decisions, such as how the infrastructure is configured and organized. All you need do is select the appropriate provider, depending on the software stack you want, and the servers, network and storage are all automatically taken care of.

PaaS also provides multi-cloud support enabling you to move to a hybrid cloud operating model. In addition, PaaS provides the trust, security and policy controls necessary to protect applications running in production environments.


With our partner Apcera, we provide PaaS deployment and integration services as well as a comprehensive workload and application migration service. Without the need to concentrate on bare metal, your developers are free to focus on creating game-changing features and applications that add value to your end users.

By deploying PaaS, our customers increase developer productivity and decrease their applications’ time-to-market.