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AMMEON – AL010: Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Advanced ScrumMaster

Duration: 2 Day Time: 09:00 – 17:00

This 2 day course helps SAFe® Scrum Masters become even more effective in leadership of SAFe® teams. It includes techniques to ensure coordination of teams in a program increment, facilitating continuous improvement, enhancing team capability with agile architecture, DevOps practices and interactions with other elements of the agile release train such as architecture, product management, and the systems team. We also discuss specific practices and techniques for building high performance teams and many of the pitfalls a Scrum Master may encounter on the journey.

The course will be delivered by a certified SAFe® Program Consultant.

Who should attend

  • Existing Scrum Masters
  • Team leaders, project managers, and others who have assumed the role of an Agile team facilitator in a SAFe or enterprise Agile context
  • Engineering and development managers who will be responsible for Agile execution and for coaching teams and teams of teams
  • Agile coaches
  • Agile program managers and prospective Release Train Engineers

Course Outline

SAFe framework and values
Lean-Agile principles
Agile and Scrum anti-patterns

Program increment planning,
Inspect and Adapt workshops

Quality engineering, Agile architecture, and DevOps practices
Kanban for facilitating team and program Glow of work
Building high-performing teams
Interaction with the system team, deployment, UX, architects, product owners, product management, and business owners

Continous Learning
Communities of Practice

 SAFe® 4 Advanced Scrum Master Exam Preparation
Exam Format, Tips and Techniques
Answer, Assess and Discuss Sample Exam Questions


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