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AMMEON – AL005: Product Owner Pre-Certification & Coaching

Duration: 2 Day Time: 09:00 – 17:00

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the concepts underlying agile, the Scrum framework itself and the core responsibilities of the Product Owner: Agile Requirements Management and Planning. The training includes classroom type presentation, interactive exercises and sample exam questions. This training course has an additional onsite coaching session with an experienced Product Owner to assist with implementing your new acquired skills into your workplace. Covering all material required for PSPO™ and much more, this course will give you the knowledge needed to pass the online exam and work as an effective Scrum Product Owner.

Target Audience:

  • Prospective Product Owners
  • Product Owners looking to gain PSPO Certification
  • Project Managers and Team Leads looking to learn more about Agile planning techniques


Certification is not part of the two day course

Next Course

Date: Thursday 31st January (2 days)

Time: 9am – 5am

Location: We Work training Centre, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1

Price: €950

Course Outline

Agile values, principles and practices – managing complexity with empiricism
Exercise: The Name Game
Business benefits of Agile

Roles – ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Developer
Exercise: Value Flow Game
Timeboxed Events – Sprint Planning, Stand-Up, Review and Retrospective
Backlog Refinement/Grooming – a continuous activity
Artifacts – Including Backlogs, Definition of Done and Product Increments

Product Owner role in the four Scrum meetings
Product Owner characteristics and typical responsibilities
The Product Owner as Leader – working with the ScrumMaster

Defining your stakeholders and understanding their needs
The Agile Contract – A new way to engage with your customers
Product Vision, Epics, User stories, Acceptance Criteria and Spikes
Exercise: Defining a Product Vision and Project Charter
Specification by Example – using examples to define Acceptance Criteria
The INVEST criteria for user stories
User stories and acceptance criteria with examples
Exercise: defining and refining user stories using a workshop approach
Rightsizing Work – Delivering Potentially Releasable Product Increments
Exercise: Breaking up Work and Defining Spikes

Estimation with Story Points, Planning Poker and Velocity
Exercise: Using Planning Poker
Effectively managing change with Scrum
Prioritising your Backlog to Maximise Value and Minimise Risk:
– Return on Investment,
– Cost of Delay,
– Weighted Shortest Job First
Defining Product and Release scope:
– Minimum Viable Features & Products
– Planning and Costing Product Releases in Scrum
Tracking progress to scope and schedule in agile projects

PSPO™ Exam Preparation
Exam Tips and Techniques
Recap of the Scrum Framework, the Scrum Guide and the Product Owner Role
Answer, Assess and Discuss Sample Exam Questions

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