ammeon ceo Stian Kildal

Ammeon recently appointed its new CEO, Stian Kildal. We are delighted to have him take the reins of Ammeon’s future. Stian has worked with us for over 3 years and he is well known for his passion and his drive for innovation. We sat down for Q&A recently so that you can all get to know him better.

How does it feel to be the CEO of Ammeon?

It is a humbling experience. On one hand, I feel lot of trust has been given to me by my predecessor and the owners of the company. And on the other hand high expectations to make sure we develop our company to its full potential. Ammeon has a great story that still needs to be told. It’s an exciting challenge building on some of my previous experiences so I am confident. However, I am also conscious that the “recipe” for how we develop Ammeon will be different from what I have done in the past. This is why it has been so important for me to sit down and listen to all of our staff. The short answer would be Exciting.

What are some of the areas of focus or innovation within Ammeon?

When I joined Ammeon nearly 3 years ago I felt almost instantly that it was an innovative company. I thought at the time it was because Ammeon is a smaller company than what I was used to. I have realised over time it has a lot more to do with our people and our culture. I have seen first-hand how some of our colleagues have provided brilliant ideas to complex problems when working with our customers. We have a Hacker Club and several innovation projects led by our staff. That’s really cool.

As a technology- and a services company we innovate every day in our customer projects, of course. But I would love to find an opportunity to develop our own product delivered as-a-Service from the cloud.

How do you see Ammeon changing in 2 years and how do you see yourself creating the change?

Let me start by saying what we should not change; we should hold on to our culture and making sure we have a great time together while doing what we do.

I think the current market requires us to become bolder in our external marketing. We need to tell the world what we’re great at. We need to tell the Ammeon Story. Internally I would like us to build stronger “communities of practice” around key themes like Agile, Cloud, CI/CD and modern software development. While building experience and skills in these areas will be motivating for our teams, we also need to develop our Ammeon Way of delivery so that it benefits our customers and we stay competitive.

I hope I can bring energy and focus, and a collaborative atmosphere where we together define what this next chapter looks like for us. And while we work hard, we have good fun along the way!

What do you think is the biggest strength of Ammeon right now?

We are perceived by our customers as leaders in the large scale use of Agile methodologies, cloud, automation (CI/CD) and modern software development using Kubernetes, Docker and micro-services technologies. I think that’s true and something we can continue building on. These are all key components to the digital transformation almost every enterprise out there is trying to do so we’re clearly well-positioned and very relevant to how the market is developing.

What differentiates Ammeon from other companies?

We can build and scale teams and take on complex challenges. We know our strengths lie in the technologies and Agile ways of working needed for Digital Transformation. Our promise is to deliver a solution to our customers that fit their needs. We are known as nimble, with a no-nonsense attitude, and someone who always look for the solutions that are best for our customers.

When it comes to Ammeon, what are you most proud of?

We truly have a lot of colleagues with great experience and that really care. Those are important ingredients for doing well with customers. We have reinvented ourselves several times. Much credit should be given to Fred, my predecessor, who was instrumental in always looking for the next wave of opportunity and making sure Ammeon could benefit from it. It is something I aim to continue.

Finally, what is your typical day at Ammeon like?

Every day is different. It is easy to get distracted so I try to plan my time to make sure I do what is critical and be prepared for what’s next. I spend some time every day meeting with the team to ensure we are aligned on short and long-term priorities, ongoing opportunities or a strategic topic we are focused on. And I always make sure to spend time talking to some of our customers too, as listening to what they really need is key to us.

It’s an exciting time for us as we regroup and refocus. After these first few weeks in the job, I sense incredible energy from our team. And with that, we can move mountains!

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