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Right tool, for the right job
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We review your current toolset and identify recommendations to improve your software development.

This tailored analysis and report will assist you understanding your current capabilities across the entire software development and release lifecycle as well as quickly identifying opportunities for improvement. The analysis will ensure you are able to benchmark where you stand compared to others in the industry and ultimately enable you to establish a transformation strategy.

Companies use different methods, tools and approaches to software engineering, but correctly adapting a tailored solution that suits your company can to reduce development costs, improve the quality and accelerate deployment. It will ensure your team has the right tool for the right job.

Target your IT investments where it brings the most impact.

Virtual Developer Environments

cloud / on prem Deployment

Pipeline CI/CD

Security by Design

Test Automation Strategy

Documentation Optimisation

Coding Standards

Microservices / Monolith Architecture

Outline Scope;

  • Define the Scope of the analysis and report,

Gather Data;

  • Investigation of processes, and tools by conduct interviews and gather all data to support findings,

Publish Report;

  • Publish full report on tools and processes as per initial scope, including tailored recommendations to create a unique toolset for your needs,

Analyze Results;

  • Evaluate published report and recommendations. Assess and decide on your next steps.

Having the correct tool on hand while adhering to best practices, will accelerate your delivery, productivity and efficiency.

These programs are part of a National Lean Effort supported by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.

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