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By applying Agile-Lean principles to your IT organization, Ammeon Consulting helps you increase your efficiency and become more competitive.

Starting out in Manufacturing, Lean methodology is now being applied across all sectors and industries. In software development, Agile-Lean methodologies are built on Lean principles. Agile Lean tools and techniques help you become and remain competitive by eliminating waste and accelerating your delivery.

Adopt an Agile-Lean approach to software development to:

  • Remove waste
  • Exceed your customers’ need
  • Keep your teams engaged.

Ammeon Consulting is the only Agile-Lean consultancy in Ireland and one of the largest in Europe. Under the leadership of Principal Consultant, Rob Healy, Ammeon offers three Agile-Lean Consulting packages: Agile-Lean Start, Agile-Lean Plus and Agile-Lean Transform.

Government funding is available for eligible Enterprise Ireland or IDA clients. Companies can apply for funding to support their investment in Agile-Lean software development. Contact our consultants to find out more.


The intensive Agile-Lean Start programme provides you with an introduction to Agile-Lean concepts, tools and techniques. It’s ideal for companies looking to explore the potential of Agile-Lean without a large upfront investment.

Agile-Lean StartDevOps Set

Introduces Agile-Lean principles and processes:

  • Achieves immediate cost reduction targets
  • Lays a foundation for future Lean or productivity improvement project
  • Incorporates First Steps to Green Competitiveness Guidebook to introduce environmental awareness.

IDA contributes €5000 towards the 7 day €6300 initiative – cost to client of €1300.
EI contributes €3150 towards the 7 day €6300 initiative – cost to client of €3150.

Agile-Lean Start takes place over a period of 8 – 10 weeks.


A follow on from Ammeon’s Agile-Lean Start, Agile-Lean Plus establishes Agile-Lean business principles, tools and techniques in your organisation to increase performance and competitiveness. It’s for busy IT departments that need focused results. After completing Agile-Lean Plus you’ll have developed sustained use of Agile-Lean techniques and will demonstrate significant gains in capabilities and competitiveness.

Agile-Lean Plus

  • Delivers significant productivity improvement and cost reductionsDevOps Go
  • Embeds a culture of business improvement and lean techniques to a cohort of trained staff
  • Introduces a programme to pursue company-wide improvement.

Up to 45 days external consulting on improvement initiatives of which 50% is funded by the IDA.
Up to 53 days external consulting on improvement initiatives of which 50% is funded by the EI.

Agile-Lean Plus takes place over a 6 month period.


Lead your organization on a full-scale transformational journey to eliminate waste, increase profitability and improve your bottom line – across your entire business.

Agile-Lean Transform

  • Delivers holistic transformation in culture and performanceLean Tranform
  • Embeds the competencies necessary for on-going competitiveness gains
  • Results in sustainable improvement in your business and across your supply chain.

Up to 100 days external support for training and improvement of which up to 50% is funded by EI or IDA.

Agile-Lean Transform takes place over a 24+ month period.

These programs are part of a National Lean Effort supported by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.