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Agile-Lean Coaching is for organisations that have new or established Agile software development in place but want to deliver better, faster, smarter. Our coaches can separate the ‘growing pains’ from ‘distress pains’ and help identify managers and self-organising teams how to continue to improve.

Agile Transformation can be hard. Whether you are starting out or are looking for the next areas to improve, we can help. Our coaches have experience developing software in a variety of agile frameworks as well as identifying and eliminating waste in lean programmes. We work by coaching teams, scrum masters, product owners, project management, line management and senior management to understand what is going well, diagnose wastes and bottlenecks and identify opportunities to improve.

Celebrate your Successes, Overcome your Challenges, Continuously Improve


One – one sessions

Group sessions

Supported by dedicated training, if needed


Adopting, scaling or optimising Agile

Lean process design

Managing Agile-Lean




Root-cause analysis

The Ammeon coaches will work on-site with your teams to help assist with the introduction of your new work processes.
With an on-site resource, corrections will be identified early, while risks and uncertainties will be discussed jointly.
All to often, teams attend training courses and fail to utilize their new knowledge by not incorporating their learnings into their work environment. Don’t wait money on training, if your not going to back it up.

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