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Ammeon Bootcamp! is for organizations that need to become faster and more efficient, but find it hard to get started. By employing our ‘think big, start small, learn fast’ model you’ll quickly see results.

Guided by a dedicated Ammeon consultant and supported by a bridging team, Ammeon Bootcamp! intensively supports customers through transformation. We guide you and your team through a series of activities to improve how people, process and technology work together. Think of us as your personal trainers. We work with you to achieve your goals and use your success to inspire further action.

Bootcamp! is:

Time - Boxed

Bootcamp! takes place over a series of sprints lasting 6, 9 or 12 weeks.

Transparently Priced

After defining to the scope of activity, Bootcamp! comes at a simple price.

Outcome Focused

We agree goals in advance so you’ll easily measure results.

Action Inspiring

Demonstrable success stimulates further change.

Overcome Your Challenges With Focused Bootcamps!


Agile – Lean training

Technology training

Embedded team mentoring


Adopting, scaling or optimising Agile

Lean process design

Managing Agile-Lean


Architecture & evaluation

CI/CD pipeline design and implementation

Infrastructure automation

Kick Start Your Journey
Kick Start Your Journey
Kick Start Your Journey

Following a free Assessment Workshop we collaborate with you to:

  1. Agree the project(s) that will add the most value.
  2. Fix time, costs, resources and activity so you know what to expect.
  3. Take action over a single or series of sprints.
  4. Learn and measure value at every stage.