New country, even new continent, 3975.08 Km’s of distance between Cairo and Dublin. This is the distance I had to take to move from my home country and join Ammeon.

If you are making such a transition you are asking yourself a lot of questions: there is always the usual risk of changing your work environment by accepting a new job, how will I get along with the new team, management and team leaders? But moving to a different country also adds other concerns: how much help would you get regarding the transition, will your team understand the amount of work you can do while organising a lot of things regarding accommodation and paperwork?
Usually, even small things can boost or dent your confidence when making such a big move.

There were two main stages here. Stage one was before coming to Dublin.
Even before the job offer, all the interviews that I participated in where done over Skype; no travelling by a long flight to have a 30 minutes interview (as some companies do) then you may get a rejection at the end. This wasn’t the case with Ammeon. When I received the job offer, a phone call from the HR department immediately made me more confident about the move. Of course, Ammeon informed me that the company will pay for the application, the flight and accommodation for a month while I look for a longer-term place to live.

But in the first stage, you are still thinking about the paperwork. The HR response was divided into clear stages with detailed documents needed for each. The first part of the process, acquiring the employment permit, was completely carried out by Ammeon. After this stage, the support concentrated on getting the visa. The help that I could rely on at any stage was really comforting, raising up my confidence in this decision.

Then it comes to the flight tickets; there were no direct flights from Cairo to Dublin. Ammeon didn’t pick a cheap option, or long flights with long transit, even when I suggested this (it was a good impression created by the company and this wasn’t the last time).

Then it was stage two; settling here in Dublin.
With a family of a wife and two kids, I was planning to get my family to the country as soon as possible. I expected that the HR team would rent a place for one person in the first month, but what happened instead is that they rented a house for me making sure that my family could join me anytime. Speaking of renting nightmares here in Dublin, Ammeon hired two separate relocation companies to help me find a long-term place to live.

One of the two companies helped me even before my family joined me to find a proper school to register my son. Even though we were picky, searching for an “Educate Together” school, we were successful in booking a place for our son there.

But besides all this, I had a lot of concerns regarding what will happen in the first few weeks in the office and the level of understanding that I will get from management and from my colleagues in the team.
During the first period of chasing rents, schools and the remaining paperwork, I was always able to take longer lunch breaks and leave earlier for viewing a property or acquiring legal documents. My team members and my managers understood, and I got a lot of help and support from them. The list was scary, and I couldn’t finish it without a huge amount of support. A small taste of this list would be viewing properties, legal paperwork for residency, arranging utilities for the new home, even shipping new furniture by companies that ship only during work hours, and the list goes on, and it couldn’t be managed without a good understanding at the office both from my team members and my managers.

The key points here is that such a transition can be really exhausting and full of risks and mistakes, and for sure the employee may find a problem here and there, or even make a mistake or misjudge certain steps, but the full support from the company and understanding from their staff will always be the key to successfully transitioning to a new life in Ireland.

Software Engineer


Ireland has always been on the cards for myself and my family for a few years, I just hadn’t gotten the courage to do the big 9000 km journey. I started applying for work from South Africa not expecting to find work easily. Straight away I noticed a trend that companies only saw that I was living in South Africa and completely skipped over me.

Ammeon wasn’t one of those companies and they were more personable, I didn’t feel like another number. They showed me around the office, they explained my actual position and the culture around the office. At that point, I knew I wouldn’t be put in an unsuitable position, and even though I was on the other side of the world I could judge what I might be facing. I was ready to come to Ireland, now I just needed to find a home and get my family ready to go.

Moving house down the road is expensive but moving across the world was almost impossible to plan for. Clearly Ammeon knew how difficult it would be for me so they offered to pay for my flight and temporary accommodation for a month. They also hired a relocation company to help me find a home, as Ireland is facing a housing crisis. Ammeon is great, they are constantly introducing me to new people in my situation, they showed me around the city and they found me a pet-friendly home which is notoriously difficult to do.

Leaving South Africa was difficult but nothing could prepare me for how uncomfortable an 18-hour flight would be and how serious flight attendants take nose bleeds. I landed in Dublin during the early hours of the morning and my South African cellphone provider did not switch on roaming and all the shops were closed. I had never been to Europe before and I had to find my way across Dublin without a GPS. But by far the most difficult thing out the whole process was to get an Irish bank account, even if you are equipped with an Irish passport they would block you at every turn. Ammeon stepped in to save me again, one phone call from them and the banks welcomed me with open arms. These were really the biggest things I had to worry about because Ammeon handled everything else for me.

I have been with Ammeon for almost a year now and I get to work with new and interesting things every day. Funnily enough, they made moving to Ireland so easy for me that it doesn’t even feel like I moved my entire family across the world. A brand new country, freedom and safety that I have never felt in my life. Our lives have only improved since emigrating to Ireland, no matter what people may say about the weather.