Case Study – DevOps Delivers for Service Providers

DevOps delivers for service providers

A global leader in consulting, deal advisory, tax, law and technology services engaged Ammeon to assist one of their internal research and development teams. Ammeon were entrusted to future-proof their business, drive efficiency and value to their business through implementing Agile and DevOps.


Like many organizations, the client faced challenges on this journey. Their first challenge was the lack of experience in the DevOps and Agile methodologies, as well as inadequate expertise in making technology tooling decisions to fulfil their immediate needs while providing future stability. These challenges were to be addressed in a number of initial projects that DevOps could deliver efficiencies and value. 

1. An online portal that tracked the completion of employee training  and certification course, which were previously tracked on several excel sheets. It could take up to four weeks to collect information. 

2. A development centre within the client organisation delivered partner assessments from multiple key stakeholders that took, in some cases, up to three weeks. 

3. Reduce the test time for components with upwards of 1000 testcases which were taking up to one week to complete.

4. The client lacked experience in DevOps and Agile. Therefore, training and coaching were proposed to upskill the clients’ team. 


  • Ammeon’s assessment revealed a need for a holistic solution to achieve the intended outcome. 
  • A customized plan of a phased delivery was proposed with fast feedback loops to ensure both alignment and flexibility. 
  • Security and compliance were identified as key factors throughout these projects, so it became critical to ensure DevSecOps best practices strictly followed when creating the continuous integration and continuous development pipelines. 


Ammeon designed the tool stack and put measures in place to ensure quality, governance and security. Ammeons experts designed and implemented continuous integration and deployment pipelines, following the industry-wide best practices, but customized to the client’s needs and requirements. We identified the performance metrics for continuous enhancements. 


Initiated the continuous improvement lifecycle for their products. Enabled employees to perform more value-added tasks by optimizing the software development process and automating menial tasks and processes.

Project Success 

160 times – 5 minutes – The tracking of employee training courses and certifications was reduced from a 4-week manual task to 5 minutes with the creation of an online portal and tracking system. 

7.5x faster – The development centre completed partner assessments in 2 days compared to its previous 3 weeks 

1000 test cases – from 1 week to 1 hour – Reduced test time for components through a combination of refactoring and automation and implemented single pane of glass reporting

Ammeons experts helped identify other areas outside the original engagement scope where further cost saving and efficiency increases could be achieved. 

Additional Value when engaging Ammeon: 

New projects were all subjected to automated security and quality scanning from Sprint 1, reducing the accumulation of technical debt 

Reduced unaudited security defects for a project from > 10,000 to less than 10 and kept numbers down via automated security scans on every push which would block delivery of code that introduced new vulnerabilities = Reduced security defects by 1,000% 

Reduced deployment times, which were a manual process, from 2.5 days (1,200min) to 10 minutes by implementing an automated deployment solution = Improved deployment times by 120%


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