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Ammeon’s Graduate Program will give you the perfect mix of training, mentoring and exciting opportunities.

Our recent graduates

Our people are diverse, skilled and focused. Everyone’s contribution is valued. Our work makes a significant impact for our customers, every day.

Dennis Reidy

My name is Dennis, I am a developer at Ammeon. I graduated with an Honours Degree in Computer Science from Dublin Institute of Technology.

I joined Ammeon as part of the Graduate Program and its my first job out of college. The people at Ammeon are very friendly and helpful and always up for helping out. I was put into a training course for the first few weeks, this included a Python course, learning about the technologies and environments used. I was also given training in testing methodologies and took the exam to get certified with the ISTQB. The training was a great experience as it prepared me for the real world development environment.

After the training I was assigned a team and a mentor, I found this a great experience as I had the chance to work in a development team and had no issues asking for the help I needed as well as being guided in how to develop code to the expected standards.

I’ve been able to move to developing in several different areas and always have an opportunity to learn new things along the way.

Conor Broderick

My name is Conor, I am a Software Developer at Ammeon. I graduated with a BSc. in Computer Applications from DCU.

I joined Ammeon as part of their Graduate Program intake. Ammeon team members are very friendly and always willing to help anyone that needs it. My first month with the company was spent in a training program. This included setting up my development environment, an introductory Python course, learning about all the different technologies used. I was also given an International Software Testing Qualification (ISTQB) Board foundation level course in preparation for certification exam, which I sat.

After the training I was assigned to a design team, where I worked across software development and test and gained some great experience.

In my almost 3 years here, I have worked across a number of different areas on a project for a large Multinational customer including File System Management, Networking, System Deployment, Virtual Machine Management and High Availability software.

Challenges and Opportunities

We hire the best and brightest people, who want to grow and make meaningful changes to the world. Our customers are widely varied, new challenges and opportunities arise every day. We need talented and energetic people like you to help.

Your Development

Learning and development are fundamental building blocks at Ammeon. We show you how to take responsibility for your own development.

You’ll receive encouragement and support from your manager, buddies and peers. And you will acquire the technical and interpersonal skills you need to achieve.

Feedback Sessions

You’ll get constructive feedback from your manager and peers as part of regular performance and development sessions.

These sessions focus on your own feelings about your ongoing performance and your personal development.

Opportunity to Travel

You may work in different offices, with different teams, different customers and different projects.

This variety will help you progress in your personal development as well as meeting our constantly changing customer requirements.

Our Locations

Ireland, Dublin

Our HQ Office is based at O’Connell Bridge House, with possibly one of the best views of the city centre you can get. Easy to commute to and always in the epicentre of Dublin happening!

Romania, Bucharest

Our new branch in continental Europe is located in modern facilities in downtown Bucharest. Centrally located, UTI Business Centre is home to our growing teams.

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