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Ease cost, technology and skill concerns to deliver faster

Ammeon Bootcamp! is a unique consulting programme that removes the barriers to DevOps and Cloud adoption.

Each Bootcamp! is time-limited, outcome-focused and transparently priced.

Think of our consultants as your personal trainers. We work with you throughout, so you achieve your goals.

Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast

Take our approach to achieve big things. Begin with small steps to learn quickly. Then iterate to reach your goal.

DevOps ReadyReady?

Getting started is often the toughest part of any journey. To help, we provide a free 90 minute Assessment Workshop to check your current level of agility and familiarize you with the road ahead.

DevOps SetSet.

Next is a Goal Definition Workshop. After this you’ll understand the inputs required: time, resources, activity and cost. You’ll also know the outcomes and how you’ll measure success.

DevOps GoGo!

We evaluate success at every stage of your Bootcamp! so you can see the value from your investment. This will help you get buy-in and inspire further action.

Kick start your journey

A Fortune 500 company faced significant challenges keeping up with the needs of its customers. They were shackled by a siloed organizational structure,  inefficient processes and legacy tooling. As a result, the IT organization deployed code releases once every few months. By engaging the Ammeon Consulting team the client now achieves five code drops a day.


Reduce hardware Capital Expenditure – migrate to a virtual data centre.

What’s Your Challenge?

Bootcamp! helps you understand your challenge and your route to success.

Example Bootcamp! projects include:

Application Modernization

Shrink support and maintenance costs – move applications to the Cloud.

Build a CI/CD Toolchain

Quickly react to changing customer demands – remove friction between development and deployment.

All our Consultants have years’ of experience helping organisations deliver better software, faster.

They support you throughout your transformation to ensure your success.