The First Step Of Total Transformation

If you’re an organisation involved in the development of software products and are currently using a non-agile approach, we can show you how to develop better software faster. Ammeon’s Agile Boot is a quick-start programme to get your teams up and running with Agile, fast.

Agile is the industry-proven method of forming teams and delivering software products by reducing bureaucracy and micromanagement. Implemented by Ammeon’s highly-qualified Agile specialists, Agile Boot delivers our method of creating skilled, autonomous, self-organising teams. By collaborating closely with your people, we provide them with the capabilities to deliver better solutions, more consistently. If you want to make it quicker, easier and more cost-effective to deliver your software, start by talking to us.

The Benefits of Ammeon’s Agile Boot

Ammeon’s Agile Boot methodology guides your team towards effectively achieving continuous improvement of both your product and your processes. We’ve been actively developing software using Agile methodology for a decade. This experience has given us the knowledge and skills to guide your organisation towards achieving your goals. But that’s just one of the benefits.

Better for your business

Autonomous, Self-Organising Teams

Imagine teams that have the capabilities to manage their
own workload and the structure and drive to deliver
consistently time after time. Agile is the industry-proven
method of forming teams and delivering software products
by reducing bureaucracy and micromanagement.

Greater Visibility, Adaptability and Reduced Risk

We help Agile teams to deliver working tested software every Sprint allowing greater visibility of deliverables and faster feedback from customers, end users and other stakeholders. This enables greater customer collaboration and de-risks the project by adapting plans every Sprint based on feedback

Business Value

We believe Agile Teams using the Scrum Framework are the
best way to maximise the delivery of business value. Scrum
allows you to transparently see the business value delivered
by teams each Sprint.

Return on Investment

Agile projects facilitate earlier ROI by delivering a revenue-generating minimum-viable-product (MVP) as quickly as possible. ROI can be maximised by constantly delivering what the customer really wants based on constructive feedback received every Sprint.

Better for Your Customers

Faster Time to Market

We help your teams deliver software in an incremental and iterative manner, ensuring creation of a potentially releasable increment of software every few weeks. Your customers can receive new features and bug fixes on a regular basis rather than waiting for months.

Greater Customer Collaboration

We guide teams, customers and end-users towards collaborating in the most effective manner so that your customers vision can become a reality.

Improved Customer satisfaction

We help your teams maximise customer satisfaction rates by focusing on the highest value features and bug fixes and delivering high quality software regularly.

Begin Your Agile Journey With Confidence

Go Agile and Get Results

Ammeon has been actively developing software using Agile methodology for over a decade. We’ve seen the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and have the knowledge and experience to guide your organisation towards achieving your goals.

Navigate the buzzwords

Our Agile Boot offering will help you navigate the buzzwords and achieve the best out of your people and teams. We will clearly explain what is meant by Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean and other maligned and misunderstood terms.

Avoid the Pitfalls

As the saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine”. Our experts can identify the cultural, structural and other obstacles to achieving an Agile organisation and help you overcome them.

We’re with you all the way

We’ll be there to provide constant support, guidance and education throughout the Agile Boot, giving you peace of mind that your teams and people can successfully transition to Agile ways of working.

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We’re ready to start when you are