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Customer Centric Training Programme

Ammeon provide market-leading customer-centric Agile & Lean training programme which includes, coaching and consulting services to current and future Technology Leaders. With Ammeon training, our clients deliver their software and services better, faster and smarter.

Ammeon is a leading software company that use the same training methods with our clients as we use in-house, thus ensuring we deliver software development solutions that are akin to our own high standards. Ammeon strive to ensure their clients standout from the crowd, by making them more efficient and competitive in this ever evolving environment.

This client centric training and coaching model is made of three stages of training:

  1. Get the Basics – Where the company/team establish basic knowledge around Agile and Lean Methodologies,
  2. Get Specific – Members of a team get up-skilled in a specific problem area of an organisation. This focus areas will be predetermined by  senior management,
  3. Get Going – Ammeon coaches and consultants will be at hand to aid in the implementation of the new Agile-Lean skills.

Get the Basics

Phase 1:

Get Specific

Phase 2:

Get Going

Phase 3:

Delivering Savings and Increased Efficiency in 7 Days

As Ammeon is a Lean service provider, this programme may be aided by government funding to Enterprise Ireland and the IDA clients.

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