Agile Boot – 4 Steps To Business Agility

AGILE BOOT - 4 steps to business agility

Why Agile Boot?

A common problem when undergoing any transformation is figuring out where to start. Transformational changes can seem daunting and will inevitably encounter cultural, structural, and other obstacles along the way.

We’ve developed Agile Boot to help organisations successfully achieve the first step on their Agile transformation journey and move from customer delivery every few months to every few weeks.

While an Agile transformation is a never-ending process, a good start can make an immense difference and can positively impact organisational performance for years to come.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Experts will outline the cultural values needed to achieve an Agile organisation in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world of today.

No organisation can successfully achieve agility without understanding the existing culture and how this can aid or hinder the goals of an Agile transformation. It’s important to identify your existing culture and prioritise areas for change while also addressing the fears of the people impacted.

Structure and Systems

Typically we advise the adoption of the Scrum Framework in combination with technical practices that support continuous delivery. I believe this to be the most effective approach to help people, teams, and organisations migrate from big bang deliveries every few months to regular deliveries every few weeks.

This approach also provides a repeatable format that can be used when creating additional Agile teams and expanding agility within an organisation.

Avoid the Common Pitfalls

Any Agile transformation will inevitably encounter obstacles along the way. Some of the most common problems faced by organisations are a result of not addressing problems effectively when they first occur during an Agile transformation. These are some of the common pitfalls seen in organisations:

  • lack of openness and trust
  • no customer voice or collaboration
  • poor visibility of progress and problems
  • lack of clear purpose and direction
  • no continuous improvement
  • poor quality
  • high levels of unfinished work
  • slow change approval

The reason we developed Agile Boot was to provide clear guidance and support to help you recognise and overcome these common pitfalls so they don’t become a habit and affect your organisational performance.

The Outcome

As a result of implementing Agile Boot, your Agile teams will develop, test and deliver working tested software every few weeks. We’ll ensure that the teams have the knowledge and understanding to optimise the effectiveness of appropriate Agile practices and aid the expansion of Agile within your organisation.

To aid visibility of team and organisation performance, we also help with the establishment of metrics and provide advice regarding development practices that have been proven to improve both software delivery and organisational performance.

Your teams will be self-organising with all of the skills required to get the job done.

ammeon agile boot process


We have taken the mass movement to remote working into account and tailored Agile Boot accordingly. All education, guidance, support and coaching will be delivered using a remote meeting format. We use a 4 step process (see the following image) beginning with an initial assessment and audit to understand your organisation’s goals and expectations and ending with a post-project review and a discussion of the potential next steps to expand agility within the organisation. Our Agile experts will provide support, guidance and coaching to help your teams achieve high performance as part of our 4 step process.

Ammeon - Agile 4 step process

While this is our general approach, we will of course take the preferences of those impacted by the transformational changes into account and adapt plans as needed.


As many businesses accelerate the delivery of value to their customers, those left behind risk losing market share or potentially going out of business. An Agile transformation is key to accelerating product delivery and optimising the organisational structure, culture and ways of working to enable teams to achieve high performance. Ammeon Agile Boot gets you started on your Agile journey and is focused on helping you and your organisation achieve your goals.

Start your Agile Transformation journey today, to achieve business results and avoid pitfalls. Contact us for more information regarding Ammeon Agile Boot.

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Author - James Langan - Ammeon

James Langan
Agile Practices Manager | Ammeon

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