Q&A with Liam, our IT Intern

Hi Liam, tell us about yourself

I am Liam, I am a computer science student currently taking a long term break from college, and now I am in my first ever full-time job. I’m quite the nerd and a little eccentric and have caught myself on several occasions having a conversation with myself when trying to fix a problem, much to the surprise of the poor end user that has to deal with my rambling. I have a love of computers and technology (which is how I landed working in IT), which long past led me to build my own PC and gaming. Outside of my usual routine I love travelling, at 21 I have been on 4 continents and intend to make it to the rest by 30. Other than all that I’m easy enough to chat to if you are ok with long silences followed by occasional awkwardness.

How did you hear about Ammeon?

I felt the need to take a long term break from college as it wasn’t doing my health any good, and I wasn’t entirely enjoying it either anymore. It was one of many jobs that I applied for and didn’t expect to get a reply from, as it turns out I was far luckier.

Advice for the future interns

Be honest. Be humble with your successes and honest with your shortcomings, but be willing to mend those and learn what needs to be done. I’m not expected to know all the ins and outs, and it’s much better learning on the job. Keep a good attitude and don’t be afraid to throw in a joke or two. They are human and they like to laugh.

How were your first day and the first week like?

The first day I really felt like I was thrown into the deep end, a real trial by fire. It was undoubtedly the best way to start and the fastest way to learn what I’d need for weeks to come. While I remember little of the blur that was the first week, I was kept plenty busy with new tasks and responsibilities, I did not feel like a liability as ‘the intern’ who didn’t know what they were doing. It really was the best way to start my time.

What do you like most about Ammeon or Ammeonians?

The atmosphere of the office is so alien to what I expected. I remember on my first day just laughing in disbelief thinking that everyone is just a bunch of nerds (further solidified by the names of the meeting rooms been taken directly from comic books) even now nearly two months after my start date I have never thought that Ammeon felt corporate. It always felt very down to earth and relaxed and friendly. While I haven’t got to know a tremendous amount of people, I have slowly gotten to remember particular names and friendly faces, but I might be a little bias towards IT and HR as I tend to see and talk to them the most. One of the other major shocking things that I heard on my first day that is worth mentioning, was the benefits coming with the job. It took a few days to organize the Healthcare that I got as an intern fully paid for me, but it was so unexpected that I got very competitive health insurance fully paid for, and that Ammeon gives their staff up to 24 days annual holiday (if I haven’t miscounted). Within my first week, I knew the atmosphere and the benefits of working at Ammeon, and I was ready to work for the next 25 weeks while I was there and prove my worth.

How long does the internship last?

The length of my internship is 6 months, just over 26 weeks.

What is your biggest challenge as an intern?

I think the biggest personal challenge has been taking on responsibility and managing how important the things that I do are. As is I am an intern and I’m here to learn above all else, I am not meant to make decisions, I’m not meant to take on the big jobs, and should be careful as to not mess with any systems. However, I have been given the freedom to do work above what is expected of me. And some of the most satisfying things I’ve done in my time is fixing the problems that nobody expects, or that it’s a problem that nobody else recognizes and I do, and I have the confidence to solve. Related to that something that was personally hard for me to do the first few weeks was to constantly ask questions. I think my co-workers in IT were probably sick of my questions within the first day, with weeks to come. However, it was the best way for me to learn and there is striking the balance between learning from those around you and overloading them with questions and the drive to figure how all these new systems work.

Are there any social events for people in Ammeon?

So far in my time, there have been a couple of events outside of the standard pizza Friday and cake Friday, which rotates every second week. I have not made it to these events, but have seen the number of ideas coming through the sports and social chat, and in general, there is always a will to have something happen, even if it’s just a couple of drinks at the end of the day.

Finally, what is it like to work for Ammeon?

I was expecting a far more corporate environment that what I have ended up in, Ammeon feels very interconnected and that I could talk to anyone in the company on an equal level, despite not being a full-time employee. I get to do a job that I truly enjoy, and Ammeon has fast become a company I want to hold onto as long as possible. I didn’t think that most of my days would be enjoyable and practical, and as corny as it sounds, I genuinely find my job to be fun, which I’d have been sceptical about if I had been told before I started, and still am towards other companies, Ammeon has made an impression on me that I really didn’t expect, bluntly, I want to work here. I don’t think it can be said any stronger than that.


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