What are your Accelerators and Inhibitors in 2018?

Author: Rob Healy, Principal Consultant, Ammeon

Above my desk is an image of a ship with it’s sails unfurled, sailing steadily. There is a problem though. The anchors are still lowered and occasionally get stuck in the mud, slowing progress. Over the image, my colleagues and I have a stuck post-its. The ones to the upper-right of the ship are the things we think are pulling us forward, to the lower-left are the things we think could be holding us back. Every day we work to test hypotheses against each. Some are easily testable, others take time and effort.

We try to remove/reduce as many of the things holding us back from our planned destination as we can. We also work to confirm the forces pulling us forward are what we believe they could be. The planned destination rarely changes (it is aligned to the company vision) but we do check regularly to see if new “forces” could be used to bring us forward better, faster and smarter.

The start of any new year is often a time of reflection, introspection and, hopefully, optimism for the year ahead. A former lecturer once advised the class on the first day that “if you know where you want to go, you will always find a way to get there, eventually.”. We were then sent out to walk along the Thames until we we could identify where we wanted to go.

From memory, it was a lovely day and I suspect the lecturer himself might have been delighted to get out a little early. But as I sit here, 6 years later, with the list of things I wanted to achieve that day completed, I can’t help but think he may have had a point. In the intervening years, some things pulled me forward to my goals and other things made it look like it would never happen.

If you are working with a team to deliver your goals for 2018, you might find the same forcefield diagram a simple low-tech information radiator as useful for you as it is for my team in Ammeon. The diagram was created by one of the team in Ammeon (and has internal styling) but is creative commons, as it stems from a mention in a book from the folks in Strategyzer. As such, you are free to use it and improve it for your own needs (we use a printed A3 version with small notes on it but larger could be better for you). You can download it here.

Good luck with all your endeavours in 2018. May the road rise up to meet you and may the breeze be in in your sails.