Welcome to the Cloud

We’re experts in migrating innovative services smoothly to the Cloud, for Network Operators, Network Equipment Providers and Enterprises.

Rapid service introduction with reduced costs;
keep customers excited and loyal.
Welcome to Ammeon Lab!

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Innovative Mobile Apps that we host in the Cloud.

Rapid, low-cost App development and launch; keep customers excited and loyal; minimise network impact with Ammeon’s proven expertise.

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Ammeon’s Cloud Expertise

We help carriers make a smooth transition of new network services to the cloud, without impacting the core network. Our unique mix of technology and innovation expertise in networks and devices is a major asset to network operators, equipment providers and system integrators to prepare for the new reality of ubiquitous connectivity. 

Network Operators

Challenge our expertise in managing rapid evolution in your network.

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Network Equipment Providers

Challenge our expertise to support you at any stage of a new mobile service project.

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